The British Medical Association has published its damning assessment of a no deal Brexit on the NHS. The report makes sobering reading.

Their main message is that the government’s preparations are implausible and at best reduce some of the worst consequences. Our senior doctors who love the NHS are loudly expressing genuine concerns.

The analysis shows that many of the existing problems in the NHS will be made worse by Brexit: Underfunding, housing crisis, rising knife crime, not enough doctors and nurses.

Impacts elsewhere of No-Deal will add to the situation: possible civil unrest and worse protection against terrorism, problems with getting medications, a worsening economy means less money for the NHS, loss of membership from important regulatory bodies, access to cancer treatments etc. This will have negative impacts on people’s lives in general, which is always felt first by the NHS. It will have immediate health impacts on patients, and progress on many projects will be stalled. The British Medical Association sums up the problems like this, “The impact of leaving the EU on the nation’s health and the NHS will be significant, but it is difficult to predict the precise impact. There will be a loss of money, a loss of people, a loss of government capacity to manage the fallout, a loss of European institutions which will all have to be replaced by British ones, a loss of rules and international trade, a loss of trust and societal norms.”