Tory MP Victoria Prentice came clean about theproblems of Johnson’s Brexit deal saying: “We’ve got years and years to talk about this. I wish I could say this (Johnson’s deal) was the end of Brexit”.

She admitted that the deal was a climb down for Johnson: “27 EU countries have agreed the deal, that’s good enough for me…We have to get the deal through. People are frightened about the prospect of more uncertainty.”

Johnson’s boast that he could ‘get Brexit done’ by 31stOctober meant he would accept any deal to meet his deadline.

He agreed what was essentially an early deal offered to Theresa May who had refused it. Cheshire farmers, car makers and chemical companies are quietly furious that Johnson’s deal really means a never-ending Brexit and doesn’t protect British goods from cheap imports from countries with poor animal welfare and weak environment protection.

One farmer says:“With no reciprocal tariffs on produce such as grain, how can we compete?” Antoinette Sandbach MP says: “Farmers in Eddisbury receive approximately £28 million from the EU as payment for delivery of environmental benefits including Cheshire wildlife trust.”

The beautiful Cheshire countryside will suffer if farmers can’t afford to maintain the environment.