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  • chester city centre
    In Brexit
    Chester is a tourist City – the Romans stopped by a few hundred years ago, we have our famous Walls, the Rows and the oldest racecourse in Britain. […]
  • boris johnson
    In Brexit, General Election
    Over the years, the character of  Boris Johnson has proved to be a vehicle for some pretty horrible rhetoric.  The man has a history of […]
  • In Brexit
    Former Tory Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, now standing as an independent MP, has severely criticised Boris Johnson’s government for refusing to […]
  • victoria-prentis
    In Brexit, Business
    Tory MP Victoria Prentice came clean about theproblems of Johnson’s Brexit deal saying: “We’ve got years and years to talk about this. I wish I could […]
  • facebook image on a mobile phone and social media in letters
    In Brexit
    The Fair Tax Campaign, run by a former Boris Johnson aide, has been running an ad which was taken down recently by Facebook for breaking political […]
  • ian lucas
    In Brexit
    – Boris Johnson and Michael Gove aware Vote Leave had broken electoral law. – Will not answer questions posed by Select Committee […]
  • Party Leaders in the 2019 General Election Corbyn Swinson Johnson Sturgeon Pice Lucas
    In Brexit, General Election
    What are the party positions on Brexit? […]
  • brexit egg
    In Brexit, The Withdrawal Agreement
    In the early stages of an election campaign that will determine the future of this country for generations, the critical issue of how (perhaps if?) […]
  • Nigel Farage is mocked up to wear Steve Bray's 'stop Brexit' hat after calling for another extension. Photograph: Chris Barker/Twitter.
    In Brexit
    If you voted to Leave in 2016, how does the agreement negotiated by Boris Johnson compare with what you voted for? There were 3 main elements of the […]
  • boris johnson
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    The Prime Minister is making so many spending promises that you’d think Theresa May’s magic money tree had been found. He’s even promised to build a […]