Worries about Brexit have made it harder to provide high quality healthcare in Cheshire and across England. In October The King’s Fund reported 4 areas where healthcare will be badly affected. As an independent charity working to improve health and care in England, the King’s Fund helps plan healthcare policy. Their main concerns were:

The availability of health and social care staff who might have joined the workforce from Europe has fallen. Staff shortages are worst in care homes and palliative care.

Worries about future trade deals are raising the cost and weakening the supply of medicines.

The end of reciprocal health agreements risks the backwash of British emigrants with expensive long-term health and care needs returning to the United Kingdom.

The move of the European Medicines Agency and all its staff out of England means that medical and scientific expertise will be lost to Amsterdam. The UK will need to set up a new agency which won’t be able to work with other European countries on public health research or stopping counterfeit medicines unless a trade deal is agreed.

Sue Wilson, chair of an organisation representing Britons living in Spain said: “All along we’ve been told our healthcare is protected. This is a big shock to everyone and our members are really, really scared.”

The King’s Fund report raises concerns that where the NHS struggles to cope, more destabilization cannot fail to cause suffering.