Johnson’s EU Withdrawal Deal says that truckers taking goods to or from Northern Ireland will have to fill in “Export Forms” listing everything they are carrying. But at a reception with N.I. businesses with a half-full glass in his hand Johnson said: “I will direct them to throw that form in the bin. There will be no forms, no checks, no barriers of any kind.”

However, the government minister in charge of Brexit says that truckers will have to fill in forms before they take goods across the Irish Sea. Who’s right? Surely Johnson’s Deal was meant to ‘get Brexit done’?

So, The Patriot asked a senior worker at a Cheshire transport firm that regularly exports to Ireland to see if he knew. He said “Nobody is clear on what we need to do. If we have to stop to fill in forms at Holyhead or Liverpool trucks could have to wait for hours. Shelves will go empty both sides of the Irish sea.”

The government needs to make it clear what deal they want. They can’t keep going in circles to Brussels for a new deal. Rather than put the “Export Forms” in the bin; the government should just put Brexit in the bin.