Boris Johnson has lied to us again.

He said he wasn’t going to sell our NHS to the highest bidder. But leaked documents show he’s already put our NHS on Donald Trump’s negotiating table.

This is a real risk to the NHS. American healthcare companies have a range of interests in our healthcare “market”. They want to raise our drug prices to approach the higher prices in America, they want to increase the patent licensing period to benefit themselves – and they want increasing access to our health data. and our policymaking on health.

They also want more influence in policymaking. This is the erosion of the NHS as we know it. They want more pharmaceutical industry involvement in decision-making so it’s their rapacious corporations whispering in the ears of our politicians. They will push aside our universities and charities focused on our patients’ welfare and the public good, to benefit their own shareholders.

Bluntly, if Boris Johnson wins this election, it could mean the decline of our say over our NHS. Just look at the fact that this document had to be leaked. In what universe is it in the public interest to keep these machinations secret from public knowledge and all our public institutions? Why was it hidden away?

On December 12th, we must choose. Do we want to elect

(A) a Parliament that backs a People’s Vote for *us* to decide how to proceed


(B) a government that will secretly develop then hurriedly pass a Johnson-Trump Trade Deal that destroys our NHS but benefits wealthy interests?

The people of Cheshire must decide – if you support a Conservative candidate you can’t say you weren’t warned of the consequences.