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  • nhs dismantled car
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    The Conservatives want you to believe that the NHS is safe in their hands. Bit like the Police, Fire Service, Libraries, Social Care, Justice, […]
  • we love our nhs
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    Boris Johnson has lied to us again. He said he wasn’t going to sell our NHS to the highest bidder. But leaked documents show he’s […]
  • Nurse Manager and Doctors discuss staff shortage
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    Worries about Brexit have made it harder to provide high quality healthcare in Cheshire and across England. In October The King’s Fund reported 4 […]
  • We love our NHS
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    The British Medical Association has published its damning assessment of a no deal Brexit on the NHS. The report makes sobering reading. Their main […]
  • Countess of Chester Hospital
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    Writer Carol Hedges who is a cancer patient had her stress levels elevated when her consultant dropped the bombshell that a no-deal Brexit could […]