The Conservatives want you to believe that the NHS is safe in their hands. Bit like the Police, Fire Service, Libraries, Social Care, Justice, Prisons (add all areas of the public sector here). Safe, but just a bit smaller. Quite a bit smaller, until some crisis occurs and then they make great play of funding new Police Officers, Nurses and so on.

But the Tories are built on a theory of free enterprise, letting the market decide etc. At least they were, I’m not really sure what their overarching polictical philsophy is now. I know that Boris wants to have sexual relations with business, whcih seems a strange way to promote economic growth.

The NHS has always been an election issue for the party in blue – Labour’s proudest achievement, loved by the public, free at the point of need – but always a target for rapacious management consultants and political reorganisations.

In the event of a Tory majority and a right wing party devoid of its centrist wing (Clarke, Gauke, Hammond etc) they won’t sell off the health service overnight. It will just be salami slicing – a small charge here, a minor increase there. We won’t notice these you see, and by 2024 we will look back and think that we can recall when we had free hospitals, doctors, ambulances. Cheap medicines, free prescriptions for those most in need. A trick of the memory of course.

All very expensive of course, and the market says that we should pay the going rate for being sick. Small and subtle changes, quite unimportant – unless you’re in a hospital bed and first guy you see is the one with the credit card machine.