Former Tory Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, now standing as an independent MP, has severely criticised Boris Johnson’s government for refusing to publish an intelligence report on Russian interference in, amongst other things, the 2016 Referendum campaign. Mr Grieve was head of the influential parliamentary committee that compiled the report and told the press he could see no valid reason for the government’s refusal to approve the release of the findings, which cover the threat posed by the Kremlin to British elections.

MI6, MI5 and GCHQ have already cleared the 50-page file as safe to publish but the report cannot be published without approval from Number 10 who have refused to release the findings to the public before the general election.

There have been several different excuses by Tory MPs defending the decision by Boris Johnson but Mr. Grieve said   “It is beyond my understanding as to what the valid objection is to the publication of this report.”