Withdrawal Agreement

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  • A burnt cake
    In The Withdrawal Agreement
    The Conservative Party are making a Big Deal out of their election slogan – Get Brexit Done. They know, but they don’t want you to know, […]
  • In Cartoon, The Withdrawal Agreement
    Brex is looking for it nice firm and fresh for breakfast, lunch and dinner but Sid hasn't got it. There's no fruit or veg left on the shelves! […]
  • brexit egg
    In Brexit, The Withdrawal Agreement
    In the early stages of an election campaign that will determine the future of this country for generations, the critical issue of how (perhaps if?) […]
  • In Business, The Withdrawal Agreement
    Johnson’s EU Withdrawal Deal says that truckers taking goods to or from Northern Ireland will have to fill in “Export Forms” listing everything they […]
  • Victoria Prentice Withdrawal Agreement
    In The Withdrawal Agreement
    Tory MP Victoria Prentice came clean about the problems of Johnson’s Brexit deal saying: “We’ve got years and years to talk about this. I wish I […]